Get the Callback: The Art of Auditioning for Musical Theatre

Get the Callback

All great auditions require preparation and practice, but what’s the secret to securing a callback? What are the best ways to prepare for that pivotal moment? And once you’re in front of the casting director, what does it take to make the most out of your moment in the spotlight?

In this second edition of Get the Callback: The Art of Auditioning for Musical Theatre, Jonathan Flom provides practical advice on the many facets of preparation, including selection of songs and monologues to suit your voice and the audition, organizing and arranging your music, working with the accompanist, and presenting yourself to the casting team. The book gives a detailed description of the actual audition performance and even offers advice on how non-dancers can survive a dance audition.

In addition to extensively revised chapters on the audition process and how to build a repertoire book, this guide also features updated chapters on headshots, resumes, and cover letters; voice training techniques from Matthew Edward; advice from musical director Joey Chancey; and a foreword by casting director Joy Dewing. Aimed at professionals as well as young artists, this second edition of Get the Callback is a must-have for both seasoned and aspiring musical theatre performers.


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    Getting Ready for College Theatre Auditions – October

    A month-by-month guide for preparing for your college theatre audition

    Soooo it’s your senior year in high school and you’re antsy to get done and get out! Colleges typically focus on your 9th-11th grade academics, so motivation for the moment can be hard to come by. But your future depends on the decisions you make today (I know—you’re getting that message from ALL directions) so we’re developing a manageable timeline and checklist to keep you moving and help you be confident and prepared for regional and local college musical theatre auditions.

    You’ve got a little time ahead of you, but don’t procrastinate or you’ll get behind. Part of the recipe for a successful audition is being confident and relaxed, and if you are always playing catch up you’ll end up uncentered, frazzled, and exhausted. Don’t want that. Here are a few tasks to stay ahead of the game. (more…)