Rock the Audition

Rock the Audition – How to Prepare for and Get Cast in Rock Musicals

This book published in 2011 focuses on auditioning for “rock” musicals, such as Rent, Godspell, Pippin, Jesus Christ Superstar, and so many others. The author, herself a performer, helps you figure out how to plan your audition.

She gives tips on practical things like parts to use or cut, find the best arrangement, and communicating with your pianist.

But beyond that she also advises on your performance as it communicates the feeling and message of the song or musical. Do you know how you will create a dramatic arc with the song or act it? Found out how in this 224 page book by Sheri Sanders.

Audition Tips From Music Director Noel Katz

NoelKatzNoel Katz has witnessed numerous auditions as music director, and also for the many shows he’s written. He also coaches performers for their auditions. Mr. Katz is an award-winning composer-lyricist, and teaches at Second City, Circle-in-the-Square and Fairleigh Dickenson University. Read more about Mr. Katz at his blog “There’s Gotta Be A Song”.

Carol de Giere: What would you like to see when someone comes in for auditions?

Noel Katz: Individuality. I want to see something of that person’s personality that makes them unique. The biggest mistake that peple make is that they think that the people on the other side of the table want to hear “the big note.” Hearing “the big note” again and again at auditions, nothing could be more boring than that. It doesn’t get anybody cast. What gets people cast is having an individual personality that’s appealing in some way or right for the role in some way.

The other big mistake that people make is that they try to change themselves to fit their concept of what the director’s concept of the role is. Except that involves reading the director’s mind, and you can’t really do that. So it’s better to be yourself than to remake yourself into some conception of what you think they’re looking for. (more…)

How To Win Over Your Audience

by Michelle Cohen

What does an audience want? I think it boils down to five basic needs:

First: Be yourself.

Ultimately, the whole point of singing is to express who you are, your emotions, your personality, what YOU have to say to the audience. Believe me, you are interesting enough and how you approach a song will be of merit if it is truly coming from you.

Second: Entertain us.

Basically, know why you are singing to us. If it is to make us laugh, go for it. If it is to move us, please do so. But if you are up there simply singing for yourself and you forget that there are other people in the room, that’s frankly not too many people’s idea of a good time. Keep the audience’s needs in mind while you are up there. By all means entertain yourself as well; just don’t leave the rest of us out. (more…)