“The play [or musical] is the director’s baby…. The director must decide whom she trusts to “hold the baby.” Are you trustworthy and reliable? Will you help foster the child’s development and ensure success? When you walk in the door, you must communicate to the production team that you are not only talented enough for the role but you are also tenacious, enthusiastic, professional, and above all authentic.”

Jonathan Flom
Get the Callback (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016), pp. 1-2

Results of 2016 Relaunch Survey

For one week before and one week after the launch of the new MusicalSingers.com, we conducted a survey to learn more about you, the rockin’ singers of the musical world. Part of the purpose of this site is to build community. To find encouragement in knowing you’re not alone in this journey to accomplish your dreams! So here’s a cross section of you, our readers, where you’re from, what your struggles are, and who you’d like to hear from most.

If we boiled the results down into a “reader profile,” it would look like this: Our average reader is a either in college or holding an advanced degree and working in regional theatre across the United States.

Your Challenges

As far as challenges facing musical singers, here’s how you weighed in with the topics presented:survey_struggle_results

Finding audition music, auditions, and marketing yourself were at the top of the list. For audition topics, be sure to check frequently the “auditions” tab in our category list above. To find audition music, there are great sites such as MusicNotes.com, SheetMusicPlus.com, and PianoTrax.com. If you need help picking a song that fits your range, the show, and the character you’re auditioning for, or just have general auditions questions, post a question in our Auditions Forums here and our MusicalSingers tribe will rally to help you out!

Another hot topic (more…)

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