Caring for Your Voice

Tips, folk remedies, and science

When Stephen Schwartz performs, he often brings a thermos full of Throat Coat tea. [From Holly—I use this, too! Great stuff!]

Other singers suck on Grether’s Blackcurrent pastilles.



General Vocal Care

Dr. Yagoda’s Tips for a Healthy Voice from Best Care of the Professional Voice by Dr. Michelle Yagoda

  1. Do drink 6-8 eight ounce glasses of water daily
  2. Do treat allergies and infections promptly
  3. Do rest your voice in times of illness
  4. Do keep background noise to a minimum
  5. Do find a vocal coach – classically trained singers have less vocal tension and can produce a clearer, stronger voice, versus non-trained singers who are consequently more likely to injure their voices
  6. Do stay relaxed – release stress with yoga, aerobics and meditation
  7. Don’t clear your throat – sip water or take a deep breath instead
  8. Don’t cough if you can avoid it – it will become a bad habit
  9. Don’t sing after drinking alcohol – the alcohol may numb your vocal cords and you may be unable to feel their fatigue (more…)