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Helpful resources for vocal technique


Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers Recommended on – talks about breath management, posture, laryngeal functions, resonance, nasals and consonants, vibrato, registration, healthy singing, pedagogy issues, and performance concerns.

The Contemporary Singer: Elements of Vocal Technique (Berklee Guide) – If you’re singing in contemporary musicals with pop/rock score, this book could help.

For a long list of books: SHOP at Helpful Books on Voice, Singing, etc 


Head voice, chest voice

Vocal coach Yvonne DeBandi includes details and diagrams in her advice posted online. “….When addressed with the question, ‘Should I sing this in my chest voice or head voice?’ my answer is always the same: sing the note. My coaching goals include teaching the student to balance all of the vocal components to achieve the best sound….” See her whole article at Should I Sing This with a Head Voice or Chest Voice? article from

From another article on Using Your Full Range: When there’s a song you’re working on, decide what you want your voice to express. Is it tender and intimate? Is it aggressive? The lower end of your chest voice has more warmth and more bass tones-it tends to sound sexier, more vulnerable or personal. . . .As you work up toward the higher end of chest, the sound becomes more urgent, more intense.

Tone and Emotion

Breathing for singers

Performance: Staying Present in the Moment

The Inner Game of Music  Excerpt: “When you pay more attention to how you feel as you are doing something, it heightens your sensitivity to the feedback you are receiving. This increased sensitivity helps you to learn more rapidly and allows you to adjust your performance to help you achieve your goal…” p. 27

Acting technique

A Practical Handbook for the Actor Inside Flap Copy: 6 working actors describe their methods and philosophies of the theater. All have worked with playwright David Mamet at the Goodman Theater in Chicago.

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